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Acids And Alkalis Questions

A double salt used for the sedimentation of muddy water
A weak acid?
Acidic & basic media
Calculate the quantity of electricity used if a current of 1.5 amperes was passed through a cell containing M3+ ions on metal M for 15 minutes, the mass of the cathode increased by 0.26g..
Common examples for acids, bases and salts
Compunds acidic to red litmus paper when dissolved in water
How do you find the pH and % dissociation for the following question?
How does nutrient dynamics changes in sea water
How to compare strong and weak acid and base?
PH of 10^-8(M) HCl soln.
Phosphoric acid
Preparing salts
Strongest acid
Water relation to the mercury
What are the types of base that is used in the laboratory?
What are differences?
What do you mean by titration reaction?
What gives the distinctive flavour to alcoholic drinks?
What happens when a base is dissolved in water?
What happens when you add 50mL of sulfuric acid to 50mL of water at 25 C, does it stay at 25 or get hotter or get colder?
What is an acid?
What is an alkali?
What is glacial ethanoic acid?
What is the density of 0.2 ethanoic acid?
What is the pH......?
Why acids have property todonate H+ ions while they dissolve in water .
Why do acids burn?
Why only Conc.sulphuric acid ?
Why solid baking soda does not change colour when tested with dry litmus paper

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