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Algebra Questions

2wot is ( X4 )
b) Prove that tan-1 x < x for all x > 0 (Using mean value theorem on {o,x} for tan-1x)
b) Find the area of the region included between the circle: x2 + y2 + 2 x + 10y + 27 = 0 and the parabola y2 + 10y x + 23 = 0
2x+10=-34-9x what is x
32 is 40% of what number?
3D Regularity
4% of 73
8p - 1 = 23
A 12 litre solution contains 100/3% acid.how much water is to be added to reduce acid to 20%?
A bag contains 15 marbles, some red, some green, and some blue. Three Fifths (3/5) of the marbles are red. The number of blue and green marbles are the same. What is the probability of removing a green marble followed by a red marble without replacing
A book was discontinued in price by 45% and sold for $12.50. what was the marked price?
A solution of the equation
A two digit sequence
A village population is 63 500.some 41% of population are men,39% are women and the rest are children.calculate,correct to 3 significant figures the number of a)men a)women c)children
Algebra question & answer
Average speeds
Binomial question
Calculate the actual length of the kitchen (in metres) if the scale is 1:50 Kitchen 108mm
Complex number?
Difficulty with fractions
Divide 60 in 15 parts such that each part is a odd number
Does there exist any basis of R3 containing vectors (1,0,-3) and (1/2,0,-3/2) ?
Factorising and two theorems
Factorising quadratic equations
Factors of 36
Fector method
Find a+b+c?
Find the area of the region included between the circle: x2 + y2 + 2 x + 10y + 27 = 0 and the parabola y2 + 10y x + 23 = 0 Find the area of the region included between the circle: x2 + y2 + 2 x + 10y + 27 = 0
Find the number
Find the number of possible values of Y from the given options
Find the value of x which gives sinx=logx
Fraction question
Herbs and flowers
How can i solve this term of fraction?
How do make r the subject in the following fomula:- A= P(1+R/100)5
How do we do 3 x -1
How do we do x-1
How many Integers?
How much does A give?
How to analyse this maths equation
How to calculate
How to Factorise 3a2 6a
How to simplify 8x-4x and yxyxy and 4x+3y-2x+5y
How to solve 8p=24
How u can answer it the way of solving?
I need to understand the rearrangement of an algebraic expression
I want to pour 12 litres of water into a contaier wih a volume of 120 cm3
If page 1 has sticker, page2 has 2 sticers, there are 3 stickers for page 1 and 2 in total, so how about the total stickers for up to page 31
If you are to fly from Cape Town to Mauritius.The plane is due to depart at 14:05 and you must check in two hours before take off. You estimate that it will take half an hour to drive to the airport and further 10minutes to get from the car park to the ch
Is (2+3x) the same as 3x (+2)?
Is 24 divisible by 3 show two answers
Linear algebra
Maths algebra help required
Maths equations algebra question
Maths fraction question
Missing sequence help
Needing a little help how do i solve 8p - 1 = 23
Number Sequence
Number squence help!!!!
Power rule
Probability question?
Prove Indentities
Quantitative methods
Sailors & Soldiers
Sequence problemmmmmm
Simplify each of the following writing the answer as a single fraction in its simplest form
Single copies of a book cost Rs.16 each, but purchasers of 20 or more books pay only Rs.13 per book. What is the value of n<20 for which one could buy 20 books at a lower total cost than one could buy exactly "n" books?
Solve for x: (cos^2)x - sinx = 5(sin^2)x, 0<=x<=360 and sinx>0
Suppose R denotes the relation on the set of people such that: if 'x' and 'y'are people and x is older than Y.Prove or disprove that R is a partial ordered set.
The area of a rectangle is 50 and the perimeter is 32 Calculate the dimensions of the rectangle to 2 decimal places (You must show your method).
The Probabilities of three students will not show up for class on a cold winter day are 0.1, 0.2 and 0.4.
There are 12 000 supporters at a football match. 10 000 are home supporters and the rest are away supporters. Complete the ratio of home supporters to away supporters.
Time and travel
Two lines are perpendicular if they intersect to form angles that measures 180
Using y=x2-kx+c, show the x -coordinates of the centre of the parabol-arc has the value: k/2
What comes next
What does mean and median mean?
What does this / mean in question below and your answer
What does this equation equal ?
What is (4x-3)^2= (3x+1)^2+x^2
What is 3/4 as a decimals
What is 6x+10=87-5x
What is L
What is the answer too 92+-61? and how do you work it out ?
What is the maximum size of a sofa that will fit through a door that is 70cm wide and how do you calculate this?
What is the name for a number beyond what is countable ?
What is the next number?
What is the reminder
What is the value for n?. 3/4 - n = 9/12
What is the value of a? 2(a+3a)-78-3b= -14
What is the weight of a steel plate
What number is 378 more than 1756
Why 10 is taken as a base in standard form?
Why does 4+2x5=14 ??
Word Problem

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