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Animal Classification Questions

Sponges are made of what kind substances?
A spider would be in which kingdom?
Cloning to produce embryonic stem cell is called what?
Compare and contrast
Composition of blood in humans?
Do beetles have bones?
How are living things classified?
How are seeds dispeersed?
How big is a Venus?
How do tortoise breath under water
How hard
How is a terrapin differrent to a tortoise?
How is fruit different to vegetables?
How is propulsion ensured in rabbit
How many species exist?
Hypothetical wonder
If you took the entire dna from all of your cells and incoiled it ,then it would be how much long?
In what way is the understanding of the biological concept of species important for understanding evolution?
Is varanus[monitor lizard] become poisonous
Plant cell question
Seeing in total blackness in low tempratures
Sustainable systems and data
The process by whch wbc engulf microrganisms
Wat is a gen pool
What are crustaceans?
What are the characteristics of algae?
What are truffles?
What happens to organic molecules like protein, solid lipid, liquid lipid,carbohydrates are mixed with water????
What happens to the ovum?
What is a bacteriophage?
What is a bdelloid rotifer?
What is a flying fox?
What is a greenshank?
What is a lemming?
What is a Manx cat?
What is a praying mantis?
What is a salamander?
What is a squint?
What is a trypanosomes?
What is a tuatara?
What is an autosome?
What is caviare?
What is coral?
What is DNA molecules?
What is photosynthesis?
What is reindeer moss?
What is the world's longest snake?
Whats the air way path to the respitorry system
When did X turn into Y? Homosapien history
When do worms turn?
When does a chameleon change colour?
When does a snake dance?
When is an animal a mutant?
When lions and hyenas fight over a dead zebra, thier interaction is called
When were animals domesticated?
Where do pearls come from?
Where do sponges come from?
Which organelle is found in plant cells but not in animals ?
Who classified butterflies and moths?
Who is the father of evolution
Why are unicellular creatures so small?
Why can't we talk while breathing
Why do dogs have a good sense of smell?
Why do fish have scales?
Why isn't carbon 14 useful in nuclear medicine.

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