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Asking Someone Out Questions

A girl asked me out and I said yes to not hurt her feelings. What should I do?
Crushed and Stuck
Does he lyk me?
Friends to partners
HOW CAN I GET A BOYFRIEND? Do they like me?
How do i get him to kiss me?
How do I get that speacial person I like to notice me without wearing revealing clothes for him to only think of me as an sex object.
How do i know if she likes me?
How do you attract a girlfriend?
How i tele my classmate i love her
I don't know how to gain his attention again?
I have a boyfriend but I met this new guy.. HELP PLZZ!!!
I have a dance at school but am too nervous to ask anyone. What can I do?
I like a girl, and I think she likes me but I am not sure. She has started talking to me a lot. How do I tell if she likes me or not?
I like this boy but dont know how to tell him how i feel?
I really like this guy that catches my bus and used to go to my old school. How can I tell him I like him without embarassing myself?
I want to know how to start with her?
Please HELP
What to do
Where should I go on a first date?

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