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Biology Exam Questions Questions

Considering the summary equation for photosynthesis, what is the basis for the change in color observed
Describe the six type of element?
Gene expression / inheritance
How are action potentials relayed?
How are water and salt molecules maintained in the body
How do frogs breathe under water?
How is milk pasteurised?
How many mass extinctions have there been?
If a seashell were to make an imprint in mud what would that form?
Name the test that permits to verify the presence of simple sugars resulting from this digestion of sucrose
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Sugar or oxygen gas
Telling a food manufactureer about his new fat-free cake mix
The tough material that makes up the exterior wall of fungal cells is called?
Transport of urea from liver to kidney
What are some adaptations possesed by platyhelminthes as endoparasites?
What are some practical uses for discarded crab and lobster shells
What area does the cubital refer to?
What classes of nutrients yield the highest amount of energy per gram when completely catabolized?
What is a loofah?
What is an example of a lipid polymer?
What is echolocation?
What is kinetic energy?
What is the compensation point?
What is the definition of a protoplasm?
What is the difference between of a light microscope and a electron microscope?
What is the proper name for the streaming of protoplasm?
What is used to identify prokaryotes?
What makes up the appendicular skeleton?
What makes water a good solvent?
What minimizes the changes in ph?
What process in the celll need energy from ATP
What role do the enzymes secreted by the pancreas play in the digestive process?
What type of fossils are found in the deepest strata?
When was acupuncture first used?
When was the first heart transplant?
When was the first zoo?
When was the iron lung invented?
When was the stethoscope invented?
When was the thermometer invented?
When were antiseptics first used?
When were contact lenses invented?
Where are the flies in the winter?
Where is earth?
Which field is best suited for a person who likes biology?
Who developed insulin?
Who discovered the cure for scurvy?
Who discovered the vaccine for typhoid?
Who is Hippocrates?
Who was Andreas Vesalius?
Who was Anton van Leeuwenhoek?
Why are birds eggs round?
Why are cartilage tissues likely to be slow in healing following an injury
Why do sea water fish die in fresh water?
Why do we have kidneys?
Why do we have two eyes?
Why does a beaver build a dam?
Why have relatively large brains only occurred in man?
Why is a water bath used in testing a leaf for starch?
Why is carbon an element?
Why might yeasts be better able to ferment some sugars than others?

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