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Cosmology Questions

An athlete completes one round of a circular track of diameter 200m in 40seconds what will be the distance covered and the displacement at the end of 2 minutes 20seconds?
Angular velocity
Can we behave like waves
Can we detect dark matter if it doesn't interact?
Dc to Dc convertor using transistors how it works.??....
Do dark matter and dark energy exist?
Do wormholes really exist?
Dodging the bullet
Does time have a beginning and an end?
Double convex lens
Energy of spontanius creation of particles
Evidence indicates that the present expansion of the universe is slowing down?
Explain uniform acceleration?
How air resistance varies with higher velocities?
How much matter is visible?
How much time
In faradays law of induction, does the induced emf depends on the resistance of the circuit? if so, how?
Is cosmology a science, religion or philosophy?
Is it possible for a body to have two dimensional velocity but one dimensional acceleration?
Is it possible to travel faster than the speed of light?
Is there a theoretical maximum speed?
It is possible to enlarge a wormhole?
Its about momentum.
Moment of forces
Name the physical quantity where si unit is jc-1
Newtons 2nd law
Potential to Kinetic Energy of expanded gas via internal combustion [engine].
Properties of Semiconductors
Q1. (a) A rabbit runs across a parking lounge with coordinates (metres) as a function of time as: x= -0.3t2+7t+28 and y=0.2t2 -9t+30. Find the rabbit’s position vector in unit vector notation and in magnitude angle notation at time t=15s. (b) A bob ti
Redshift and receding galaxies
Show that 1 volt = 1 weber/second
Show that induced emf and ratio of change in flux to change in tym have same units?
Time relativity
Transfer of heat
Two balls are sitting on identical compressed springs that are oriented vertically to fire the balls straight up into the air. The balls are identical in all ways except that one is made of steel and the other is made of plastic.
Wat is average velocity and average speed?
What does recoil mean?
What is a device that convert ANALOGUE signals to DIGITAL signals?
What is physics
What is the fate of the universe?
What is the universe made of?
When ice melts(decreasing its volume),is the internal energy change greater of lesser than the heat added?
Why can only light travel at the speed of light?
Why do cosmologists believe in dark matter?
Why do cosmologists think dark energy exists?
Why dont we see all the light from stars from all the stages of the cycle.
Why is it so?
Why was multiverse theory postulated?
Wich of the following system described below is imposible?
You are outside on a cold day and sit down on a metal bench. WHat does it feel like and why? AFter getting up you place your hand whre you have been sitting. WHat it would feel like and exsplain

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