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Countries Questions

About 90 percent of Poland's people adhere to which religion?
Describe one challenge a developing world can do if their trying to improve their HDI.
How long is the mexico/united states border?
If it is dawn in the eastern united states, is the western united states in darkness?
In what country is tagalouge spoken in?
In which country Sikander the Great was died ?
In which two hemispheres do citizens of Uruguay live?
Is Hawaii in Polynesia? Should we say "The United States of America and Polynesia"?
Is Wales classed as a country, or would Britain itself be the main counrty? If wales like scotland, is not classed as countries what would they be classed as?
People in Brazil speak what language?
What are the names of all the states and union terotries in england?
What four countries in Europe are islands?
What is Magyar?
What is the climate like in tunisia?
What is the great valley that extends, with several breaks, from Syria to central Mozambique?
What is the official language of the United States?
What is the world's largest country by land mass?
What is the world's smallest country?
What part of Canada was created during the Precambrian era?
What south american country has the largest land area?
Where is Easter Island?
Where is north america's biggest megalopolis located?
Which country dosent have a national flag?
Which is the most populated populated province/territory
Why does Holland have many windmills?
Why is there a notch in the northern border of TN just north of Nashville?

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