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Do They Like Me Questions

Does he like me?
Does she realy love me but is only proving difficult o r does not?
Does this guy likes me ? ... Why did he ignore me after i gave him a chance to be my friend....
Help me
Hi i really need help!!plzz :(
How can i know if he likes
How can you tell if a guy likes you?
How can you tell if the boy you like likes you. what would the person do and how would they act around you?
How to know whether this guy likes me?
I am falling love with her she does not know - I hint but she ignores me. Why?
I like this girl and i think she likes me but how do i ask her out?
I like this girl and she said she likes me, but I get the feelin that she's gone off me. What can I do?
I like this girl but i dont know if she likes me. my locker is by hers and when i walk by, she looks at me. i would ask her out, but we never talk. what do i do?
I like this guy, but he is 9 years older than me, iv never liked a guy so much, and i don't know what to do, plus he's my teacher; but i kind of get the feeling he likes me a little bit also, but i can't tell for sure?
I really like this girl but i dnt kow weather she likes me. i need to know if she likes me so that i might ask her out. plz anser as soon as possible because someone else might get her. thnx a lot
I told a guy i've liked for 3 years that i liked him and he told me that he thought i was sexy and loved hanging out with me, but he also said that he didnt just like me as a friend...does he like me?
I went to this party and met a boy. but im not sure if i will see him again. I said no but I like him. What should do?
My friend told my crush that I like him and he said that I should tell him how I feel, should I?
Should i ask him out?
Theres this boy that i really like. Hes seems to like me but now hes going out with my friend. how do i know if he honestly does like me?
There's this guy i've known for almost 8 years. We both have been really close friends and we both love eachother but in some ways it doesn't seem like he does, like he doesn't show that he actually loves me?
What to do????

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