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Fractions Questions

A common school question
Find the equation of each parabola f with the following characteristics: a) The points P1 (-1/11), P2 (0 / 5) and P3 (2 / 5) lie on the graph of f. b) S (1 / 2) is the vertex of f, P (2 / 5) is another point of f. c) The graph of f intersects the x-axi
Fraction puzzle
Fractional equations
Harold made a scale drawing of his bedroom. He used the scale 1/4 inch= 1 foot.The length of his bedroom in the drawing is 4 inches. What is the actual length of his bedroom?
Help me
How do you add fractions?
How do you divide a fraction by a fraction?
How do you divide fractions by fractions?
How do you do fraction and division altogether?
How do you multiply fraactions by the square root?
If 1 is added to my numerator, i am equivalent to 2/3. if 1 is added to my denominator, i am equivalent to 1/2. What fraction am I?
Midway fractions
Place the following fractions in order withe the largest first? 7/4, 1/6, 7/2
Prove 3*0=0
What fraction of an hour is 35 minutes?
What is 0.65 as a fraction?
What is 2/3 of 3.96?
What is 5 pence as a fraction of a pound?
What is 7/47 of 150,000
What is the equivalent fraction to 12/15
What is the fraction which is the midway of 18 and 34
Whats 34/50 as a decimal?
Xiuli had $459 yuli had $1560.after both of them had spent an equal amount of money,xiuli had 1/4 as much as yuli.how much did yuli spent?

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