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Functions Questions

Arithametic regression
Do all numbers like individual being, is unique and has special role to play in this world ?
Find the value of a.b.c.and d
For the function g:x 3-3x
How can be demostrated that affine transformations transform lines in lines?
How can i estimate the speed of a car
How could you prove that 45=45?
How many mappings we have for a set of order three
How to merge two functions to find any result in between those two functions
If p(x)=1+15x and q(x)=5x +9x then find 9p(x)+25q(x) and hence factorize
Inverse of f(x) = x(x+1) ??? f-1(x) = ???
Limit of function
Limit of function
L'Hopiital Rule
Mobius trasformations
Product help help helpi have -7 -4 -3 -1 2 4 6 using 2 of them waht is the product of 4????
The rate of a function....a ballis shot upwards from the roof of a classroom at a high school.its height h(t),in metres,above the ground after t seconds is given by equation...h(t)=6+80(t)-5t2 how high is the roof above the ground?
Volume of curve rotated around x-axis
What does mean, mode and median mean?
What is 10 to the power of 1000
What is an imaginary number?
What is e?
What is nineteen ninety nine in roman numerals?
What is set theory?
Who invented pi?

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