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General Tips Questions

Cleaning a stained heater/radiator
Cleaning of sealant
Furniture marks on carpet.
How can I get rid of red candle wax stains on my beige leather sofa? there is no lumps of wax, just the stains from my hands!
How can I make my towels fluffy again?
How can I remove an iron scorch from carpet?
How can i remove carpet tape from our carpet?
How do I clean a tin record album box - it resembles a movie canister - that's tarnished with fingerprints?
How do i clean burn marks off a brick driveway?
How do i get a coffee stain off a white kitchen wall?
How do I get a Lilly stain out of a curtain
How do I get my windows to shine?
HOW do i get rid ov scorch marks on a marfil hearth?
How do I get the caulking in my bath tub WHITE if it's already black underneath it?
How do I get wood stain out of my wool carpet?
How do i remove black paint from my semi wooden floor?
How do i remove fish smell and other odors from fridge and freezer?
How do I remove spilt gloss paint from a wool carpet?
How do I remove wax?
How do I stop my towels being so fluffy?
How do you clean the green algae of garden pebbles and rockery stones?
How do you get nail polish remover from wood?
How do you remove mould from paintings
How to an niche cleaning busness
How to clean a bath?
How to remove/clean marks from carpet?
I have removed sign writing from my van but it has left a sticky residue, what can I use to remove it?
I'm trying to start a cleaning business and i wanted to know how am i supposed to approach a future client?
My radiator is not heating up. Why?
Removing super glue from a wooden tabel
Smelly Grout
What do I use to clean the results of a fire to exterior brick?
Whats the best way to clean up dog hair from surfaces?
Why do we cleanse our skin during a facial. What are the benefits of cleansing?

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