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Geographical Phenomena Questions

Atmospheric pressure and temperature
Continental drift
Give me three lebelled diagrams which describes what is meant by dispersed, linear and nucleated rural settlements.
How are resources important to us?
How did sailors measure longitude and latitude 100 years ago?
How did the Universe form?
How do stalactites form?
How does an anticyclone occur?
How is the ozone layer above Antarctica being damaged?
How tall is an iceberg?
In which direction does a parallel or line of latitude run?
Polar region
Pop. growth
The great circle at zero degrees latitude is know by what name?
Was the plantation system beneficial or harmful?
What is a geyser?
What Is A Polder And Describe One way in which settlement and landuse from polders are different from other areas??
What is an imaginary line that parallels the equator?
What is longitude and latitude?
What is NICs?
What is pangea?
What is the connection between geography and history?
What is the difference between visible and infrared sattelite images?
What is the meaning of "PATTIMOKHA" in Buddhism?
What part of a map tells the relationship of distance shown on the map to real distance of the earth?
When does sheet lightning occur?
Where are stalactites formed?
Where are volcanoes most likely to form?
Where is the southpole located?
Why are areas of the world so different from one another?
Why do we get dew overnight?

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