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Hairstyles Questions

Are ponytails a good look?
Can you wear Japanese hair sticks to a formal occasion; such as, a ball?
Hair color
Hi I have a hair question and hope someone can help! I have 'dirty' blonde hair (some parts are strawberry blonde) and am thinking of going bright blonde - all over. Thoughts?
How can I add volume to my hair?
How can I crimp my hair?
How can I cut off my moustache?
How can I get my hair cut cheaply?
How can I get sexy hair?
How can I straighten my hair?
How do I find the right hair colour dye for me?
How do I get bangs?
How do I get my hair to roll?
How do I get wavy hair?
How to make a bun look cool?
I dyed my hair a dark brown, but after a while it goes a gingery colour, and my natural hair colour is a sort of light brown. How do I get that colour back?
I have aurburn hair. i want to dye it black...will it look ok?
I have dark brown hair,I want to get a light shade of brown. Can I just pick out a light color hair dye or do I have to do anything to it first?
I have very curly hair, does anyone know how i could wear it without putting it in a pony tail?
I need a new hair style! Any advice?
Im getting layered hair and cut at the back will i still be able to put it up in a high ponytail?
What hair style looks most cute?
What hair style should I go for?
What other simple hair style could i wear to school?
When I dye my hair red it goes too dark. How can I lighten the shade?
Where can I get ideas for new hair styles?

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