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Male Grooming Questions

As a man, how can I dress to impress?
At what age should you start shaving?
Do women like guys with long hair or short hair?
Do women like men with stubble?
Do women prefer well groomed clean men to a bit of rough?
Does a ponytail look good on a man?
How can I get a body like Daniel Craig?
How can I get a six pack?
How can I keep my nails clean?
How can I keep nasal hair trimmed?
Is having a hairy chest a no-no these days?
Is it OK for men to wear make up?
Is it sexy to have a beard or moustache?
I'm a man - how can I hide spots?
Should I shave my chest hair?
Should I wear deodorant?
Should men always wear aftershave?
Should men have short nails?
Should men use a hairdryer on their hair?
So women find hairy men sexy?
What are good male grooming products?
What are the basic things in male make up? what type of make up make me hot ,because i m black nd lean? wat vil b my ideal dress nd colour
What can you do if you are naturally hairy?
Would it be better to pluck, shave or wax a mans private area?

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