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Maths Exam Questions Questions

2 numbers are first added together and then multiplied together. The numbers added together = 18 and the numbers multiplied together = 45. What are the 2 numbers?
2 power 56 when divided by 17 leaves a remainder of?
A 500 m long train runs at a speed of 36kmph. In what time will it cross an electric pole?
A bus travels at a speed of 80km/h. How far does it travel in 45 minutes?
A pond has 10 stones arranged equally spaced in a circle. A frog stands on a start stone and jumps onto every 2nd stone (missing 1 stone)'how many circuits are made before returning to the start stone? how many circuits are made if the frog jumps onto
A pully driving a belt has a diameter of 300mm and is turning at 2700/ pie revolutions per min
Area of a rectangle !
Assinment - Maths
Calculate the length of a ladder?
Calculate the surface area
Currency convertions???
Find the value of *M*
For what values does the equation: X2 2(a-1)x + (4a-3)=0 have real roots? For what integer values of a are the roots real integers?
Given that y is inversely proportional to (x-1). (a)write down an expression for y in terms of x and a constant k. (b)it is given that y=5 when x=3. find x when y=25.
Help solve this equation?
Help with a maths question?
How do you
How do you work out 4 3/2
How does knowing the answer to a particular sum help you work out another
How much is a ladies gross income
In a A SUDOKU game of 9X9 how many possibilities of combinations are there ?
In term of X question.
Let Y= f(x) and Y=g(x) be the pair of curves such that ( i ) the tangents at point with equal abcissae intersect on y-axis. ( ii ) the normals at point with equal abcissae intersect at x-axis. ( iii ) one curve passes through (1,1) and the other one p
List degrees of an acute angle
Maths problem
Maths puzzle
Need help with dimensions question
Need help with math exam question
Need help with math exam question (lower paper)
One drop of water add to another drop of water, how many drops of water do we have?
Simple intrest
Solve equation
Table Settings
The angles of a quadrilateral
The least positive number to be subtracted from 34826 to make it a perfect square is
What is Bayes' theorem?
What is the distance covered at speed of 3.5km/hr in 12hr?
What is the next number after 3 099 999
What is the rule for the following table?
What is the rule?
What is train speed
Which has Greater Value

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