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Maths School Questions Questions

a positive number when divided by 35 gives a remainder 3. what will be the remainder when this number is divided by 7?
(part a) Factorise m(squared) - 9n(squared)
2 decorators, 8 days two paint a house
3x+2y-z=-1 x+y+z=6 3x+y+2z=15
A piece of wire 80cm long is cut into 2 parts. Each part is bent to form a square. If the total area of the two squares is 272cm2, find the length of longer wire.
A solid rectangular block of copper 5cm by 4cm by 2cm is drawn out to make a cylindrical wire of diameter 2mm. Calculate the length of wire
A what divides a circle into two halfs
About boat and stream
Ahhh volume
An artist makes frame for painting by joining 2cm,15cm,18cm.gind the veiwing area?
An author started writing a bookin the afternoon between 2pm to 3pm he wrote for 4 hours and finished writing between 6pm to 7pm . after finishing he found that the position of the hands of the clock interchanged.at what time exactly did he start and fini
Can anyone round this number to 1 decimal place?15.36 thanks
Can anyone round this number to 2 decimal places?22.338 thanks
Can anyone round this number to 2 decimal places?thank u
Combinations Homework
Consecutive numbers
Cube and Cuboid
Currency Calculation
Do you know any math questions
Easy peasy
Equations of Motion/ Projectile Problems ?
Find the remainder.
Find the value of y? (2y-1/3)-(y+3/2)=y-2
Find the volume
Find two numbers between 100 and 150 that have an H.C.F of 24
Finding the number
Finding the unknown in an equation
Hard question?
How do i take 105 off 1000.00
How do you find 0.6 of 60?
How do you make 1000 with only 7 7's
How many different possible calendars are there?
How much will she have to pay?
How should I revise for math exam?
How to do indefinate recurrance relations?
How to find out the weight by knowing the measurement?
How to make 24 using using 9 4 3 2 using add subtract multiply and divide?
If i work from 7.45am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday, how many hours do i work in a week?!?
If you have two numbers,that are different ie,12 then you turn it round,21, take the lower number away from the higher number ,why does the answer always work out as 9 whatever two number you chose?
Math question
Math super stars
Maths c problem that i dont know how to do...
Maths calculator paper tommorrow & im revising, hmmm, stuck already!
Maths homework help?
Melanie's math question
Nadeen has 9 pennies she changess them for three coins write the value of each coin
Need help solving the equation
On a farm there are 350 sheep, 50 bulls and 30 horses. What fractin of the livestock are cattle
Please answer this question relating to DISCOUNT
Please help
Problem solving
Product of
Puzzling question
Solve the following question for X giving all roots in the interval 0<X<360. 10sinsquaredXdegrees-5cossquaredXdegrees+2=4sinXdegrees
Square Number between 90 and 199
Statistic question
Term for?
Time & Work
What are the numbers
What does the lowest and highest common multiple mean?
What is a factorial?
What is a frequency?
What is a logarithm
What is area of spare
What is infinity?
What is meant by standard form?
What is the answer to this:
What is the cube root of 125
What is the formula to find cube root of a number?
What is the name of the standard calendar we use?
What is the product of 900 and 7
What is the sum for 763547?
What is the term of 10 to the power of 1000
What is two thirds of 1800?
What kind of number you can see it and knowing it is a multiple without a calculator
Whats a modal group?
When air is put into a soccer ball is becomes curved. What is the mathematical principle behind this?
When do A level results come out?
When do GSCE results come out?
When talking about arrays, what does it mean to have a square number?
Write the units digit of the cube of 5922,77774,44447,125125125.

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