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Miscellaneous Beauty Questions

Can someone tell me who Jaime Winstone is and what her claim to fame is?
Does red meat give you healhier hair?
I got hair dye on my face. Help me get it off?
I have dark skin, what is the best face whitening soap in India?
I want to be a personal shopper - what can I do?
I wax or pluck the hair on my upper lip and chin. The skin in this area is darker to the rest of my face, what can I do? Please help as it's embarrassing!! Thank you.
Is it good to constantly change face care products such as moisterizers, toners, cleansers, body lotion, etc.? And does constant change damage skin?
Need height
What happens to the disulfide bonds of the hair whenthey come in contact with hydrogen peroxide?
What is baby powder useful for?
What product can I use to stop redness on my throat and neck?
Who is Agyness Deyn? I keep on seeing her in fashion magazines but have no ida who she is.
Who is the most beautiful girl of world?

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