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Miscellaneous Physics Questions

38 degree F ice???
A boy is setting in front seat of bus moving with 30 miles per hour he throw a ball with a speed of 30 miles per hour. With what speed will it move?
A common pair of pliers has a place for cutting wires, bolts, or nails. Why is it so important that this cutter be located very near the plier's pivot?
A hoop strung to a spinning stick with a spring attached to it, how will the hoop move?
A part of the china sea is 5968 fathoms deep. What is the depth in meters if one fathom is equivalent to 6 feet?
Baseball Question
Can energy be converted into mass?
Circular motion
Cleveland and Chicago are 340 miles apart by train. Train A leaves Cleveland going west to Chicago at 1:00 PM, traveling at 60 mph. Train B leaves Chicago going east to Cleveland at 2:00 PM, going 45 mph. At what time do the two trains meet? How far are t
Compare and contrast progressive and stationary waves?
Conservation of Energy ?
Decanting from one tank into another
Does a moving object have impulse?
Effect on temprature at high altitude
Elevator vs. Ground
Give reasons - skis have a large area of contact with snow
Help me with physics homework?
How do you get electrons to shoot at atoms
How Does temperature affect the frequency of an organ pipe?
How far can an object be tipped before it topples over?
Ice & water
If two protons are removed from an oxygen nucleus, the result is?
In every derivation of the Schwarzschild solution I found, at some point the "weak-field" approximation is made. Nevertheless, the same solution is used to describe black holes, down to r=0. Why is this?
Is inertia a fundamental aspect of our reality?
It is easy to measure the lenght of a pole or the diameter of a ball bearing but how can one measure vast distances such as the depth of deep ocean or the diameter of the earth?
Light Reflections
Optics total internal reflection
Reason to add alchohol to car radiator
Relative speed
Series solution
Solids are generally very heavy while gases are light. Explain.
Speed of light
Stand with onearm and the sideof the one foot pressed against a wall. can you raise the other leg side ways?if not,than why?
Suppose you are standing on an icy surface(very little friction) and a heavy object and light object of the same size and shape are also on the ice. How could you tell which object is heavier without picking them up?
Temperature to pressure calculation
Tenting problem where two identical materials are taped together.
True or false
Units conversion
Vibration is necessary to produce sound.How?
Water is projected from two rubber pipes at the same speed from one at angle of 30 degree and from the other at 60 degree. why are the ranges equal?
Water level comparison
What do you understand by achromatic aberration?
What is a simile for front? Like a weather front?
What is the purpose of a space suit?
What is the weight of the load?
What type of material is used for preparing electromagnet?
What type of wave created by a pebble in a pond ?
When air is put into a soccer ball it becomes curved. What is the mathematical principle behine this?
Which will be more effetive in knocking a bear down (1)a rubber bullet or(2) a lead bullet of the same momentum?
Why didn't twin tower toppel
Why do golf balls have dimples?
Why do we neutraize a glass rod by heating?
Why electric poles are hollow
Why footprints of women wearing pointed heels are deeper than those of men wearing shoes with flat soles
Why is sky blue?
Why is sunlight dangerous
Why nature has given broader feet to elephants???
Why the dams are made broader at base than the top??
Will time travel ever be possible?
You are falling off the edge.what should you do to avoid falling?
You are told that the volume of an object of unknown shape is given by V = d x d, where V is the volume and d is the diameter of the sphere. Is this equation dimensionally correct?

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