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Miscellaneous Science Questions

Why do we need oxygen?
Are vampire bats dangerous?
Bloood pressure
Could we use our mind power to do unbelievable things eg.breaking a glass from remote,etc?
Define inetic theory and relate it to the tree states of matter?
Do some people really have ESP (extra sensory power)?
Have any spaceships ever visited earth?
How did life start on earth?
How do glow-worms glow?
How many kinds of atom are there in a lump of copper?
How many kinds of atoms is there in a lump of copper?
How many moons does Jupiter have?
How many moons does saturn have?
How much time does a tranquilizer takes to take out a man??
How old is the universe?
I have a question given that enzymes are made of proteins, would it be fair to describe lysosomes as a type of vesicle?
Is mind reading proved possible?
Is there life on Mars?
The tea solution is that efhf how do you get the brown out of tea solution
What are pterodactyls?
What does 'albedo' mean?
What does science have to do with journalists?
Which nation generates about 5000 MW power the excess of which would be imported by India?
Which of these fungal structure are structurally and functionally most alike?
Why are moths attracted to light?
Why can't you light a candle in a space rocket in space?
Why do human's attempt to kill each other?
Why do cats purr?
Why do many scientists believe that continental drift is a valid theory?
Why does a camel have a hump?
Why does the earth have a magnetic field?
Why doesn't scoria float?
Why is it difficult to receive a radio signal in a moving train
Would evolution run the same twice?

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