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My Body Questions

How can I get sexy lips?
How can I hide a bumpy, large nose?
How can I learn to love my body?
How can i make my face look smaller?
How can I make my flat chin more prominent?
How can I make my legs gleam like they did when younger?
How can I stop my feet hurting?
How can you get rid of or hide broad shoulders?
How do i get rid of burn mark?I have a burn mark on my leg due to hot water,it is quite big
How do I get rid of dark rough skin on my knees? I have tried exfoliating and moisterising, but they are still very dark in colour.
How do i get rid of facial and Bodily moles?
How do i get rid of my stretch marks which are on my waist my legs and my boobs?
How do you hide naturally red cheeks?? And how can you highlight cheekbones??
I have smelly feet - what can I do?
What is the best thing for me as i am naturally sweaty and it gets uncomfortable?
Why am i more developed?

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