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Percentages Questions

10 percent of 30 plus 30 percent of 50 =?
10% of 1100
4% of 30
48 out of 60
7 courses = 100% , if 9 courses = ??%
A car was sold for 2,975 after a 7% reduction in price. what is the original value?
A man sold an article for Rs.6270 and lost 1/20 of cost price. find the cost price?
A salary is increased by 3% to 39552
Abandon rate
Acooldude63: A man spends 75% of his income, when his income is increased by 20%, he increases his expenditure by 10%. By how much per cent are his savings increased
Calculating contribution of increase/decreasing in %profit
Find 0.9% of 1000?
Find the total strength
How do i work out % ?
How do yu work out percentage difference from one number to another.
How to find out what percentage one number is of another number?
I need help with an exam question its fro homework, how would i be able to work it out and answer it?
I need to write 3% as a common fraction, in the lowest terms, what does it mean please anyone?
If 148 is 100% what is 63
In a packet of 25, 8 are yellow. what percentage are yellow?
Joan's salary increased from 25 000 to 27 000. What percentage increase is this?
My trillions
Need help with math exam question
Percentages - tried using formula..answer doesn't make sense
Reduce 45 by 28%
The price of a cd player has been reduced by 15% in a sale . it now costs 320. what was the original price?
To make 70% gross profit on a product that costs 1.00
What is 0.6 as a percentage
What is 121 as apercentage of 125
What is 17.5% of 4500?
What is 2.5% of 7,000
What is 20 out of 80 in a persentage?
What is 40% of $12.00
What is 5% of 4 litres
What is 78% out of 900?
What is the easiest way of working out percentages in your head?for example, how can you work out 25% of 328? i cant work out 0.25x328 mentally?
What is the percentage increase from 86 to 135?
What is 1.76 increased by 10% to the nearest penny
What Percent?
Whatis 75% of 680 and how do i get the answer.
Whats my percentage out of 100

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