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Plants Questions

Cortex vs. Secondary Phloem in Carrot
Gravity on plants
How are spores different from pollen?
How do trees reproduce
Internal parts of the stem
Phloem and Parenchyma
Sometimes the potatoes kept in a basket during the late rainy season start givin out small shoots would you call it germination? give reason
The contractile vacuole is found in what?
Transport systems in plants
What are centrioles?
What are the subunits of cellulose?
What do the cell parts found only in plant cells do?
What does a xylem plant do?
What does the xylem wall contain?
What is the loss of water by evaporation throught the aerial parts of a plant?
What is the manchineel tree?
What parts are found in plant cells that are absent in animal cells?
Why all the fruits have round or ovel shape
Why are plants green
Why do flowers have sepals?
Why do submerged plants not need a large amount of supporting tissue?

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Category: biology