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Probability Questions

A dice is thrown 80 times. it lands on a six 12 times. What is the probability of throwing a six?
A drawer contains 50 bolts and 150 nuts.half of bolts and half of nuts are rusted.if one is chosen at random,what is the probability of that is rusted or bolt.
Brad goes to a shop that sells five flavours of ice-cream. Each flavour comes in a separate tub. He decides to buy two tubs, each on containing a different flavour. How many choices are possible?
Can you explain Standard Deviation please.
Coloured socks
Find the probability.
How many missiles should be fired?
How many questions should I study for on exam?
If A,B are independent prove that A',B is independent
In a management class of 100 studentsí three languages are offered as an additional subject viz. Hindi, English and Kannada. There are 28 students taking Hindi, 26 taking Hindi and 16 taking English. There are 12 students taking both Hindi and English, 4
In a managment
In year 7 there are 260 pupils how many are likely to be girls
Math Probability
Maths grade average question
Number Selection Probability
On a credit card there are 4 groups of 4 numbers how many permutaions can you have?
Permutation & combination
Probability of dice? i need answer as soon as possible, any guys help me to find anser
Series queue
There are 37 numbers on a roulette wheel. The first winning number is 12. What are the chances that the second winning number will also be 12?
There are 9 boys and 15 girls in a class. 2 students are chosen at random 1 after the other without replacement. find the probability that 1) both are girls 2) they are of the opposite sex
Venn Diagram Probability
What is the probability of olu picking a red ball when they are 2yellow ball

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