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Ratios Questions

An alloy is to contain copper and zinc in the ratio 9:5. How much zinc is required to be melted with 24 kg of copper?
Associative property
If a/b=c/d the proof that ac+bd/ac-bd=a2+b2/a2-b2(Square)
If rayan drives 2 hour 60km and rohan drives 30 km what is the ratioof rayan to the ratio of rohan
In a factory of 600 people, the ratio of male workers to female workers is 3:2.how many workers are female?really need help
Question related to ratio.
The ratio of girls to boys is 13:12 there are 572 girls how many altogether
Three families,P,Q and R share 480kg of rice.Q recieves twice as much as P,and R recieves half as much as Q,how much will X get and what is the total sum of money?
What is the ratio of red to yellow balloons?
Write 5 rational numbers between 2 and 3

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