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Skin Questions

Can I use moisturiser on oily skin?
Can you recommend something which well get rid of the marks I have on my face due to spots?
Dark Underarms
Dirty Pores
Face blemishes????
How can I get fair complexion?
How can I get rid of freckles?
How can i get rid of ma pimples n oily skin naturally??and how can i get big n sexy breasts??
How can I keep my skin clean?
How can i reduce oil content in my face and increase brightness?
How can I stop wrinkles?
How do I moisturise correctly?
How should I clean my skin?
How to get lovely skin?
How to get rid of spots in a day
I have dry spots on my face... they are only noticalble when i wear makeup... i cant NOT wear make up cause then you can see different colors on my skin... i have been to the dermatologist, what can I do?
I have some marks on my skin from sun damage/age spots (like large freckles). Are there any good products to eliminate/reduce these?
Moisturising face wash
My face shines, how can I stop this?
What cleanser works best for dry skin?
What do i do about oily shiny skin?
Why do we cleanse, tone and moisturise? and why do we use face scrubs, masques and cosmetic make-up?
Why should I exfoliate?
Why should we cleanse our skin?

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