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Teeth Questions

Does smoking damage teeth?
How can I avoid stained teeth?
How can I treat my sensitive teeth?
How can I whiten my smile?
I had a crown done and it feels weird is this normal?
I have a funny taste in my mouth on waking what is it?
I have a missing tooth how can I increase my confidence?
Is bleaching teeth safe?
Is it safe to whiten teeth?
My mouthwash stings is it supposed to?
Should I see gunk come out when I use mouthwash?
Should I use a mouthwash for oral hygiene?
What are the costs of dentistry in the UK?
What is a crown?
What is a root filling?
What is an extraction?
What is the best toothpaste?
What is the best way to use mouthwash?
What should I do if I swallow mouthwash?

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