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Trigonometry Questions

A roof rafter is needed to span a legth of 15m for a roof rise of 8m.a carpenter cuts a rafter of 18m.find the distance of the rafter span?
Ambiguous case, find CA
Find the angle of elevation
Flight angle
Prove that the triangle formed is right angled isosceles for this particular condition of its angles: sinA.sinB.sinC+cosA.cosB=1 where A,B,C are the angles of the triangle.
Prove that(1/cosA+sinA)+(1/cosA-sinA = 2cosA/2cos^2A-1
Sin + cos > 1
What does SOHCAHTOA mean?
What is a special case right angled triangle?
What is Pythagoras theorem?
What is the point of doing trigonometry?
Who was Pythagoras?

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