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Computers are a bit of a mystery to most of us. If things go wrong and we lift the lid, what are we to make of the motherboard, the chips, the hard disc drive and the rest of this piece of mystery kit that is basically a bit of a miracle?

That's where our how to articles come into their own: whether you have a problem with your computer or want to learn how to use certain software, from finding out more about podcasting to search engine optimisation of your own website, we have an article that will be of interest to you. So enjoy browsing our computing section.

Tips on hardware related problems and issues.

Operating Systems
Which operating system should you be using? Find out this and more here...

Lots of hints and tips on a variety of pieces of software are on offer in this section.

Computer Applications
Information on applications abounds...

Hints on tips on how to make the most of the internet, find the information you are after, and have a great website.

Web Sites
Hints and tips on building and improving your own web site

Money Making Ideas Online
Some ideas on how to make money using your computer!

E Business
An excellent set of articles by Garland Coulson, "The E-Business Tutor"

Learning Perl
Answers to common Perl related questions

Learning PHP
Answers to common PHP related questions

Computer Sound Music And Video
All about using sound, music, DVD & video on your computer

Useful Tools
A variety of tools you'll find useful when using your computer or building a site

All about podcasting - what it is, and how to get involved...

Search Engine Optimisation
Hints and tips on how to ensure that your site is well written in terms of getting a good search engine position

Online marketing through newsletters: tips

Learning To Use A Computer
If you are using a computer for the first time, here are some useful articles...

Website Link Building
Ideas, hints and tips on building links and therefore boosting traffic to your site...

Website Topics And Subjects
Information and ideas on what to write about on your new website...

Information and tips on eBooks, creating and distributing...

Online Security
Tips on staying safe whilst online...

Computer Health
Staying healthy whilst using your computer...

Online Marketing
How to improve traffic to your website and publicise it without spending a fortune...

Google AdSense
Hints and tips on using Google AdSense to make money from your website