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The first thing to remember when cleaning and detailing your car is to use good quality materials and tools.
This is what you will need.
2 10ltr buckets with grit guards (keeps dirt at base) or 1 18,22 or 25ltr. I do recommend you use grit guards when washing your paintwork.
1 Good quality sponge (i would recommend Zymol)
1 Cheap wash mitt
1 Quality detailing brush (Zymol or Meguiers)
1 Good quality car shampoo (Zymol,Meguiers or Autoglym) Avoid cheap shampoo&wax combos and NEVER EVER USE WASHING UP LIQUID, KEEP IT FOR THE DISHES.
You will also need a hose or pressure washer.
Synthetic leather, quality terry towels (not from the bathroom)

Picking the coolest part of the day (early Morning or late afternoon)and concentrating on one side at a time, hose the car down (this helps to soften the dirt) Then using the sponge and starting with the roof wash down to the sill line and rinse off.(leave the wheels and arches) DO NOT FORGET TO CLEAN THOSE ALL IMPORTANT DOOR AND BOOT SHUTS, IF LEFT THESE CAN RUIN THAT SHOW FINISH. Repeat for the other side. Now to the wheels & arches, taking one at a time rinse and then using the wash mitt (this is best as in the case of alloys its easy to get behind the spokes) clean each wheel inc the tyre and arch. Cleaning wheel arches may seem a strange thing to do, but for that winning show finish this is vital. Note if using the two bucket method dip the sponge into the clean water after each panel as this further reduces the risk of transfering grit. For those wanting perfection use the detailing brush, this is great for cleaning around badges, along gutters and around all the other hard to reach areas.
Now rinse the whole car again. Then starting with the roof dry the car using a Synthetic leather or quality terry towels. Towels are the better choice.
Try these suppliers.

Try Halfords for cheap wash mit
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