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Don't get stuck removing chewing gum...

Removing chewing gum stuck to a surface is something that most people have to tackle from time to time. Strange then that many people try all sorts of weird and wacky techniques to get rid of the pesky gum.

Because removing chewing gum from a surface is actually quite simple!

All that you need to do is simply get a clear plastic bag, and fill with some ice cubes from the freezer.

Then hold the bag on top of the gum and press for about a minute or so. This will make the gum almost frozen itself and therefore very hard. When the gum is in this state it will lose all its stickiness.

Therefore it can now easily just be peeled off the surface and removed - and the gum is gone, without any hassle or effort at all!
Cleaning Chewing Gum
Author: Stephen

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Last Updated: Aug 15th 2006

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