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Make that sink shine...

If you get that sinking feeling when it comes to cleaning the sink, then you need have that no longer!

Here are my top tips on that fascinating subject of... making cleaning a sink a breeze!

Clean The Sink Regularly

The most important thing is that you should always clean the sinks in your house once a week. This means that dirt, grime, soap residue and limescale has much less chance of getting engrained on the surface of your sink which is what can make sink cleaning such hard work.

So don't give it a chance to build up by leaving it three weeks or even a month between cleans of the sink.
How to Clean the Sink

The best method is to run the tap with very hot water for a couple of minutes to loosen any surface dirt and grime on the sink.

Then get a sponge, with a soft but grippy surface to give the ability to rub. Squirt some Cif or other cleaning product around the bowl of the sink and then get some more warm water and rubbing and start to systematically scrub around the sink with the sponge, rubbing firmly but not too hard and ensuring your cleaner is not too abrasive.

This should result in nice shiny white sink as a result (assuming it is white!)

Remember to also do around the bowl and the taps, too. It can be tricky to get in around the taps if grime starts to build up there, so again rub around there on a regular basis, you don't even need to do them at the same time as you clean the rest of the sink but definitely it is a good idea to get right in the join and ensure that the taps and surface are nice and clean too.

And there you go, that's all there is to sink cleaning; it need only take ten minutes once a week so it's not really a massive time overhead.
Cleaning A Sink
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