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Eye-Makeup - How to use it.

How to Apply Eye-Makeup

Below on the right side there is some advice on what colours to wear with your colour eyes.

Step 1> Apply some eyeshadow -
Blue Eyes: Gold,Light Blues, and Light Navys.
Green Eyes: Silver,Light Greens, Olive Greens.
Brown Eyes: Beige, Light Browns, Darker Browns.
[div Step 2> Apply Eyeliner
to the outer rim
below the eye. -
Blue Eyes: brown,grey, and navy eyeliner.
Green Eyes: brown, Olive, green eyeliner.
Brown Eyes: Black, Brown, Olive Eyeliner
Step 3> Apply Eyeliner
on eyelid, as close
to lashes as possible.

Step 4> Apply Mascara on top
and bottom lashes to
open up eye, and make
eye appear fuller. -
Blue Eyes: brown and blue mascara.
Green Eyes: brown mascara
Brown Eyes: brown and black mascara.
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