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Food and Drink

Preparing your own food and drink makes sense, not only because you get to eat exactly what you want, but it can also be quite effective, and - yes - enjoyable to be able to prepare your own food.

If you are a novice chef, then you might be browsing to find out how to cook the basics, and we have a range of articles for you. Equally if you are more experienced but are looking for recipe ideas or just a little inspiration, then again take a look through our categories and see if you pick up new ideas.

For those that are watching their weight, we have some articles about foods that are good when you are on a diet.

Bored of the same old drinks? Want to know which wine should be served with a particular meal? Then check out our drinks section.

Party Food
Some great ideas and examples of party food here, from the mundane to the slightly extravagant!

Some fantastic starter ideas to get the mouths of your guests watering...

Main Courses
Want perfect main courses? Our tips are here to help.

Delicious desserts, perfect puddings... it's all here so come in and enjoy!

Great Food Tips
Lots of great general food related tips...

More Recipe Ideas
A selection of tasty recipes for you to try...

Brief information about the sorts of spices you can use to spice up your cooking...

Weight Loss Foods
The best foods for weight loss...

Eat Yourself Pretty
Foods and nutrition tips to help you be beautiful...