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Anyone heard of Models@ Ltd?

By: Dwriter [12-March-09 12:05PM]
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I've recently been in contact with a company called Models@ Ltd--who from what I understand are a Northamptonshire based company that were looking for models/actors. However, I can't seem to find anything about the company (IE a website), so I'm not sure if that's something I should be worried about.

Does anyone know of this company? Are they legit? I've heard stories of people being burned by scams so want to make sure they are a legit company or not. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Emmamarie [15-March-09 5:33PM]
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I have never heard of a company by this name and my friends coisen is a model


Emzemz [16-March-09 8:15PM]
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They do exsist


Kagome007 [18-May-09 4:07PM]
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Where can u find them and do u have any way I can contact them???? Thx.


Sathish [8-July-09 1:20PM]
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They are out of business

Re : Anyone heard of Models@ Ltd?

Gurjap [29-July-11 5:38AM]
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i could'nt find this type of company.I think first you should complete information about Models@ Ltd.After that you can decide.

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