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Climbing the career ladder: tips

By: Stephy [13-June-06 10:52AM]
2726 posts

I think that if you want to get on in your career and life in general you need to do it at a young age.

If you haven't reached the top or climbed significantly in your career by the age of 35 then it isn't going to happen.

Not sure why this is but it seems to be true and people confirm it repeatedly - what do you think?


Climbing the career ladder

Stevieb [17-July-06 2:41PM]
1576 posts


I think there is some truth in this - there does tend to be a line drawn in the sand whereby when people hit a certain age they tend not to rise any further up the chain.

Not quite sure why this is, but it definitely seems to be the case; perhaps due to the attitude of the people themselves or maybe even their company.

career options

Stephania0 [29-December-08 8:08PM]
24 posts

I think most people over 35 have already, established what they have wanted, by this age, or have even changed careers, by this time, others may have lost confidence within themselves, and are scared of trying something new, if they have been in the security of their job for many years! Also ageism in certain companies, may knock there enthusiasm to keep trying for another job.

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