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How do I get known?

By: Danijiby [9-July-09 3:10PM]
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My dream is to be a famous actress, singer song writer, and poet but I don't know how to get my work published. How can I get known in all the different things I want to do. Do I need an agent for all these different things or just one, if so how do I get an agent and do I need any special qualifications?


Sathish [29-July-09 12:41PM]
117 posts
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TO accomplish this u need to have extreme talent and a good sense of humor and the ability to learn and improvise and above all u need to turm away from negative people if so everything u desired u follow u

How Do I Get Known?

Sophie123 [1-November-09 6:14PM]
123 posts

Hi , to get known i would personally start from the bottom and work your way to the top , but make sure you have talent this will help lol
good luck making it to the big time

How Do I Get Known?

SaraXOXO [20-January-10 4:30AM]
2 posts

Heeey theree, well this is my advice to youu , I wanna make it bigg as well I have songs poetry, stories, alot of things that

How Do I Get Known?

SaraXOXO [20-January-10 4:34AM]
2 posts

Sorry got cut off theree, but i think that peope who stress you out in life you have to cut them out of your life, and anyone who tells you that you can't make it laugh at them , cause u know what you can do anything if youu put ypur mind to it, but nothing comes to you right away you have to work on it , and get connections with the right people, even starting on this or adding peotry online google facebook twitter whatever it takes if you want your words to be heard this is what it will take, you have to sacrifice things and you have to make room for newer thing you know what i mean? and no matter what if you put yer mind to it you can do itt ! try uploading some of your work on facebook, or google or even look up other peoples poetry and your name will be heard somehow.... talk to the right people and you will get where you wanna be . best of luck man , cheers !

How Do I Get Known?

Stephy [31-January-10 3:30PM]
2726 posts

One of the most important things that you need is determination.

In order to achieve in any very competitive field there are naturally going to be lots of people who want the same thing.

So that means you are quite likely to get some rejections along the way before you get a contract or a deal or the exposure you are after.

But with some persistence and some determination you will get there in the end if you keep working hard and waiting for the moment to come.

Re : How do I get known?

Knowitall [16-February-10 7:09PM]
663 posts

Yes these are all very tricky careers to get into.

Also what makes it even harder is that who makes it big is not often the person who is most talented.

Rather it relies on other skills, probably the most important of which is the ability to market yourself to others - if you can do that then you have a great shot with each of these career types.

Re : How do I get known?

Daveyc [14-March-10 4:57PM]
117 posts

I think what the others have said is right... it is very hard to get into that sort of career!

Why don't you pick something more mainstream and sensible and then see if you enjoy that, when you do another job you enjoy then you might forget all about this more difficult dream of yours that very few people actually achieve and the rest remaining constantly striving for it but ultimately disappointed.

Re : How do I get known?

Jakek9 [25-May-10 11:27PM]
1 posts
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I want to get into the paparazzi bisness
it sounds good so if any one has advise ples

Re : How do I get known?

Knowitall [2-June-10 7:35PM]
663 posts

Being in paparazzi business is all about being able to take good photos and also be in the right place at the right time.

You also have to be the sort of person that doesn't mind working really long hours and also having long periods without pay because often this sort of work comes on a commission basis where you only get paid if you get the photo.

Try approaching photo agencies, newspapers, magazines etc and see if you can get commissioned, but really you might need to get the shots and then sell them...

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