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Popping or picking spots

By: Stephy [13-June-06 10:50AM]
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It's always tempting to pick or pop a spot. Whilst people say you are not supposed to it is often the quickest way to get rid of them if you do it right.

The problem is that you get scarring if you do it wrong.

Make sure you don't press too hard which can lead to redness and scarring. And apply some antiseptic after popping.

The [blue]only spots worth popping[/blue] are those that have a yellow pus head, which you can squeeze out. You need to make sure you remove any yellow from the spot to get rid of it, if you leave any in there then it might come back.

Gross but true!

Popping spots hygienically

Wannamodel [20-June-06 1:06PM]
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The most important thing 2 do is make sure that u pop it hygienically.

I was told that if you use the head of a pin to do this then it is OK and will make it safe to do if you just use your fingers you could get dirt or infection into the spot.

Good luck!


Lottie133 [15-August-06 3:12PM]
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You know when you get really stressed it so tempting just to try and squeze the spot but now ive got like a red scar and no spot how do i get rid of i.i have tried every thing tcp,apricot scrub,tea tree stick , 2l of water every day. HeLp!!


Bling_babe [22-December-06 9:59PM]
13 posts

To get rid of the scars that popping spots will leave use bio oil found in local pharmacies.
NEVER use a pin to pop ure spots use your fingers just wash ure hands first or wer bauty gloves

bio oil

Stephania0 [16-December-08 4:30PM]
24 posts

I have tried bio oil, for minor spot scars, but never worked, I worked in a shop that sold it, it was a good seller, but expensive if u don't get the results u want, but they use it in hospitals for pregnant women to help prevent scaring of the stomach.So It must do some good, just didn't seem to do any thing for me!


X_clair_x [10-May-09 7:35PM]
2 posts

People say that it is ok to pop a spot with a pin but some say dont please help im soo confused...

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