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Using NLP to further your career

By: Thetipper [20-June-06 1:15PM]
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Is it ethical to use the techniques in NLP to try to further your career through unfair influence on those around you?

Or to use NLP in your business life to help you get on - or even personal life?

Many people seem to try to sell courses on NLPs for these great benefits it will let you have to become some sort of svengali figure for all those around you.

But is it ethical - what do you think?


NLP and influence

Stephy [25-September-06 4:39PM]
2726 posts

Well, some people are naturally more charismatic or better at using words to get people to do things than others. So to a large extent people do this naturally don't they?

But I guess using any deliberate technique to try to actively manipulate someone is a bit of a grey area...


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