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Google AdSense

Welcome to the Google AdSense section of the Tell Me How Computing 'how to's.

In this section, we have a series of articles that take you through the excellent Google AdSense program - from setting up an account, through to getting the best performance from the ads on your site. We hope you find them useful.

What is Google AdSense?
This article tells you what Google AdSense is, and why it can be good news for you and your visitors...

Signing up for AdSense
This article tells you how to sign up for the Google AdSense program

AdSense: Advert Placement
This article has some tips on the best places to put AdSense adverts on your pages

AdSense: Advert Formats
This article explains the different advert formats (sizes, colours) with AdSense and how to choose the best for your site.

AdSense: Relevant ads for your site
Tips on ensuring that your site helps AdSense find relevant ads for your site

AdSense: understanding the statistics
An explanation of all the useful information you can access through your AdSense account, and how to use it.