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23 - Movie Extra Agency

Business : Small Business Ideas

You can either become an extra yourself for some extra income (you can earn around $40 - $80 a day depending on how long you will be needed for and the production), or you can set up as an agency for movie extras.

If that's your line, then you will need excellent business, communication and inter-personal skills.

First talk to TV stations in the area, and test the water to see if there is any demand for your services. Most likely you will get a meeting with a Manager at one of the firms and get the chance to pitch to them how you can help.

They may well be keen to work with you as any work done by someone else to manage the extras is a welcome relief. If you are successful, then the next step will be to advertise for a pool of extras - often students are good as they tend to be readily available and can work at short notice.

By: Stephen

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