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9g - Use Your Brain If You Don't Know The Answer To Get Marks

Education : How To Excel In Exams Part III

You can probably get some marks on the above question just by being intelligent even if you know nothing about DNA and RNA.

OK, this is a biology question about tiny little building blocks of life.

What sort of things are they likely to do? Replicate.

They are both of the form xNA? so they both share something in common there; both acids (nucleic acids).

What are they likely to be composed of?

Well there must be a difference there or else they would be the same thing; this may seem obvious but it?s a mark waiting to be had.

Let's just recap that point - even if I had no idea what the chemicals DNA and RNA were, I could get a point on this question - just by pointing out they have a different internal structure, and I worked that out using LOGIC alone - because if they had the same structure, they would be the same chemical!

This will probably trigger from your memory that the bases used are different.

What is the function of each?

Is RNA used/present in different processes (not things!) than DNA? Thinking like this should get you marks as you have identified what sort of things the examiner is looking for.

Above, even though you may know nothing about DNA and RNA you have hopefully earned yourself a couple of marks.

By: Examexpert

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