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9l - How To Discuss Advantages And Disadvantages

Education : How To Excel In Exams Part III

Imagine you're asked for the pros and cons of having a monarchy, you could write a brief list of each and write them in an order, e.g.

Pros: brings in tourists, it?s a tradition?
Cons: it suggests people are not equal, it is more in keeping to have a president?

And rather than just listing these, you should say why each is good/bad.

For instance, it is good that it brings in tourists because this brings more money into the country.

Then evaluate how strong the point is.

For instance, above those against the monarchy could just retaliate:

?well that?s not a particularly good point, because if we abolish it then we can keep these historic buildings open and still get lots of tourists.

After all, people still visit castles and stately homes which are no longer inhabited?.

By: Examexpert

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