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How To Achieve Networking Success

Career : Business Networking

All sorts of theories abound on how to get the most from a network of people. There are even books written on the subject and the philosophy behind it.

The best way to act in a network will actually vary from network to network, the people in the network and what they are there for.

In a random network of people - i.e. not all with one specific interest - then you need to take a call whether the majority of people are decent and trustworthy.

If the answer is yes, then a good way to achieve success is by giving help and advice to people in your network freely to others.

Whilst this might sound counter intuitive because we are almost trained to value knowledge to the extent where we charge others to dispense it the opposite is true in networking.

People will remember your kindness in the future, and not only can you therefore develop good friendships but work may result directly or indirectly as a result of your connections.

By: Stephen

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