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How To Act Like A Celebrity

Self Development : Confidence

If you want to act like a celebrity for the day or simply just boost your confidence, then here are a few tips for you.

Buy some over size sunglasses, and a designer bag or outfit. Otherwise just buy good quality outfits. You may want to try looking on Asos or Boohoo for ideas.

Grab a group of mates and invite them with you when you go to a party or on a night out.

Dont copy anyone else style. You can use their ideas but add your own twist to make it unique.

Add lots of glittery accessories such as jewellery or a sparkly belt.

Get a good hair style with lots of volume. Apply some make up but dont go over the top. Colour coordinate your whole make up and outfit. You can also get free makeovers in department stores.

Add some glittery eye shadown or lip gloss for extra sparkle.

Dont be afraid to stand out and be yourself, but dont draw attention to yourself for all the wrong reasons. Smile and be friendly.

By: Danielle

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