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How To Add Excitement To A Long Term Relationship

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The key to adding excitement to a long term relationship is to keep on trying new things and introducing new experiences.

The hardest thing is keeping any relationship fresh through no fault of either partner - by definition a long term relationship occurs over a long period of time, and is therefore something that both partners get used to.

But this does not mean it should become stale.

Every now and then try to surprise your partner. Perhaps buy some flowers or chocolates if you don't normally.

How about whisking them away for a weekend or treating them to some pampering on one of these retreat weekends.

If your partner loves racing and cars why not get one of these pre-bought experience weekends driving a ferrari or a racing car, for instance.

Of course you don't need to spend money. Simple gestures around the home like cooking a favourite meal or just making time are also other great things you can do.

By: Janine

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