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How To Advertise As A Model Online


If you are thinking of making yourself available as a model online, then the most important consideration is very definitely your own safety.

In order to ensure this, you should be certain to:

- always use a model name, never your real name

- use an anonymous email address, for instance a yahoo or hotmail address

- never give out any personal information about yourself if requested

By: Stephanie

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Hi my name is Jill and I am intrested in Modeling. I have researched into it and its quite obvious that you mustmay a profile on the net. Now I dont want to do this for saftey reasons. Does this mean I can not become a model. I dont want to be bostful but I know ive got what it takes to be one. Im 6.7 and thin. I have great skin and have a unique appearence. So I just wanna know how do I become one?

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