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Advice On Keeping Cats.

Pets : Cats

Cats are sooo clever they have a way of taming their owners.
They teach you respect ,menus,feeding times,personal space,cost of furniture etc etc.

What is it about that big fur ball sitting purring on your lap with it's claws digging into your knee that is so appealing and makes you turn to mush?
Well I wish I knew but I have two of them and they have me well under the thumb.

They have more toys than most kids would have. They just need to mew and i'm saying whats up baby.
They roll on their back and get a awwwww how cute. ( with a treat to follow)
They have it sussed they know how to get the best out of us and we love it.

They have their own personality as a cat owner for a few years i have had a few different kinds so here are some things to expect if you come accross a cat that decides to chose you as it's pet.

They like somewhere nice a comfy to sleep this may be your pillow or your new black suit.

They do like a choice of food so you may have to open more than one can a day.

They like to scratch things so make sure you have savings to replace your settee every now and then. (buy them a scratch pole and they will scratch this also)

They like to show you their butts allot.

They like to eat grass then spew it over your carpet usualy at the bottom of the stairs ready for your bare feet inthe morning.

That all aside i love my cats they know if i'm upset and come over an nudge me and just hearing that purr and them snuggling into your lap helps.

Cat Protection League this is where my two cats came from and they come and check out your house and meet you before they let you take them . This is a great idea as it stops people who are not fully aware of how much work cats can be.

Local papers have some adverts but be very careful as you don't want to get them too young.

Cat & Dog homes are good and if your up for it you can even take on an older animal and give them a new home :-)

< Best palces to buy cat stuff.
There are lots of place you can go to I tend to go to Pet City as i find them cheap and you can get everythign under one roof.

Internet lots of websites where you can buy cat things but remember delivery charges.

Litter box and cat litter I would advise a covered litter box as it gives the cat privacy and stops some of the smell getting out.

Litter scoop to scoop out the clumped litter and poo cats don't like stepping on their own poo so clean it daily.
You don't have to change the litter every day but i would advise total cleanout every 3rd day or more depending on how many cats you have.

Cat bed now they may sleep on your bed or on the floor or on the couch but they do like to have their own wee bed somewhere quiet away from stomping feet in a corner or up high is best.

Cat food : Bowl, spoon,Mat.

I would get a twin bowl one for water one for food.
It is your choice but i find dried food is a good option and just give them soft food now and then but you must make sure they have plenty of water with dry food.
My cats seem tolike Go Cat food so i buy the 3 for 2 large bags and this saves some money. And i also find the pouches very easy no need for a can opener.

Cat wormer,
very important as you don't want them geting worms.

Cat toys:
Don't go daft as they like to play with almost anything but i would advise a few toys look for ones that have cat nip in them as they just love cat nip.

Door Flap:

This is only needed if your letting your cats outside but i would advise it as it saves them being stuck outside when your not at home. you can get collar activated doors so don't worry about getting lots of strays in your house.

Scratch posts:

Your cat likes to scratch to get rid of the sheath around their claw so I would advise a scratch post. You can get all sizes and they start at ?9.99 and can go up to ?235. for real funky models with lots of wee houses.

Make sure you know the address of your nearest vet and when you buy your cat get it checked out straight away it may need it's vaccinations which they should get every year very important for cats that go outside. Also a good idea is to get your cat chipped this allows them to find it's owner when it gets lost. you can ask your vet about this.

Thanks for Reading
Cheers Maggie.
Also on Ciao.

Always respect animals and they may respect you :-)

By: Margaret Edwardson

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