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Agencies And Success


When you have your portfolio, you will need to submit it to agencies. Some agencies have a preferred style in the models that approach them, so you need to investigate this first and tailor what you send them to suit.

Agencies are bodies that will help to promote you around the modelling circuit and to help you get castings. They want you to be successful since this is how they get their money - they take a commission from what you earn.

But because of this, competition to get on their books is fierce, and because if they don't think you can make them money - i.e. that you won't get offered much work, then they will not take you onto their books.

One thing you should be aware of is agencies that ask you to pay to join them. You should never ever pay to join an agency - the decent ones will pick you because they think you will be a success, and hence will make money for them that way. Steer clear of any alternatives.

Your portfolio is your selling tool as already mentioned, and as such should contain a mix of shots. A portfolio of between 12 - 20 pictures is ideal, and should include normal natural shots, as well as sporty ones, outdoor, indoor, swimwear, face, full body, lingerie, swimwear.

If you are successful and get on the books of an agency, then they will promote you to castings. These can have a few or lots of models attending and you will be competing against them for the job. Often they are after a certain look, perhaps the 'cute' look, and it will vary from job to job.

Or if its a hair care magazine, then of course your hair will be particularly important. It really does depend greatly. You are usually given a brief before a job so you can choose what you wear beforehand and take relevant clothes.

The agency will then take a commission, usually between 15-25% of what you earn from a job. Since you are self-employed you will need to keep a strict check on your finances, keeping receipts and so on so you know what to do with your tax returns and can ensure organised finances.

So, success will come if you possess the qualities needed and produce a good portfolio, and have the luck that is needed.

Your personality can help to - being bright, bubbly and cheerful can help you initially break through the door - no-one wants someone to turn up to castings who is moody and clearly doesn't want to be there - they want someone who will be fun to work with and patient when they are in search of their ideal shot.

Good luck!

By: Stella on Tue, Jun 11th 2002

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I recently got a call from Models Direct saying that they really liked my look and that i had great features, they offered me a three year contract and asked me to pay an administration fee of 116, which i did!! Few weeks later, i still haven't heard anything!! Have i been conned?.

Sharon - your message echoes the question from Julie Champion (see bottom of page).

You should certainly be wary of agencies that ask for a joining fee. Any agency that is really confident that you will make it will have a very rigorous selection process to get onto their books, and the competition is extremely intense. But once on the books, they don't charge a fee.

Certainly always think twice before parting with your hard earned cash - is there any evidence that you will get it back, and what does the agency agree to do on your behalf in writing to promote you? Only if you're satisfied with this is it safe to hand over your cash..

I am 14 and would love to be a model. I am 5ft 8, very slim and have a good bone structure. I weigh 8 stone and I am very determined, I know that I could do this. Does anyone have any advice for teenagers on how to break into the business or any tips?

Hi im 17 years old and really want to be a model i have a scar of about 20cm on my leg .i really want to know will this ruin my chance of being a model. .

Hi i paid my money to models direct in april and i havent heard a thing since. could you tell me the names of model agencies where you don't have to pay

Be wary of joining models direct please - in my personal experience they take your money and dont give you any jobs - i got out just in time.

I also joined modelsdirect and have not got one single job my mum is getting hold of the trading standards office to get the money back we paid i think u should do the same! good luck in th future why not try joining agencies like storm oe elitemodels or models1.

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