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Alternative Investment Ideas

Money : Investing

If you are looking to invest, then you may be a bit more of a risk taker, or just someone who would like some other possible avenues for their money other than the usual tried and tested routes of cash savings, ISAs, other savings accounts, premium bonds and the stock market.

There are many other markets and things you can trade in out there; most of these are not liquid markets and therefore you always need to find someone who is willing to buy your goods.

Pretty much anything can be bought and sold and traded, and many look to jewellery and expensive jewellery items to appreciate in value over time.

For instance the diamond trade is quite strong, though as mentioned if you want to sell you need to find a buyer to get your money back and obviously if no one is willing to buy you have to hold on.

Other investments abound - for instance wine and champagnes are popular. In fact before loopholes were closed around bonuses, those who earnt massive bonuses in the City would sometimes be paid part or all their bonus in wine due to the tax breaks they would get on this!

By: Fred

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