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Alternatives To Equity Release

Money : Mortgages

There are many methods of getting money when you require it or simply want it.

The equity release scheme may not be the best way to go for many.

For relatively small sums, a standard loan may be a suitable mechanism, depending on age and circumstances.

If you do want to release value in your home, then for many moving to a smaller and cheaper property is the best way to go.

Typically if you lived in a larger house whilst you had children and they have now all moved away, then you may be left in a big house that you don't need.

Therefore rather than going for equity release and relinquishing some control on the property and the finances therein, for many it will be easier, better and all round more suitable to simply sell up and move to a smaller property that still fits all their requirements, and therefore release the true value of the home in this manner.

This should certainly be given some consideration.

By: Fred

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